• One semester is equal to at least 16 weeks of study and exams. A week’s teaching time consists of approximately 23-28 hours of lectures (1 hour lecture = 50 minutes), including five hours of morning chapel session.

  • Generally, full time students are those who take 16-20 credits / semester, therefore the S.Th may be completed within approximately 4-6 years. However, the credit amounts taken by students for each semester are determined by the Academic Advisor, based on a student ability analysis or an academic index average.

  • At the beginning of the seventh semester a thesis proposal should be submitted to the Dean for approval. It is also recommended that the collection of material from books, journals and other sources is completed within that semester. A draft thesis must be submitted and approved by the end of this semester.

  • Students who fail to meet the submission deadline will be given an opportunity to repeat their thesis (with different title and faculty mentor). Students failing to satisfactorily complete their thesis will not be able to graduate. They may either continue their studies after a year’s leave or after their difficulties are solved.


During orientation students are required to attend chapel sessions, introductory events, campus orientation, a gathering event and others activities. Attendance at orientation is necessary for all full time & part time students, regardless of whether they live on or off campus.


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