Year Programme Study Program Semester Odd Even
1. FullName NickName
2. Sex Male Female Photo
3. Place/Date Of Birth / Blood Type
4. Full Address
  City Province Post Code
5. Phone Number :
  Home Office HP
6. Email  
7. Ethnic Origin
8. Marital Status Married Single Other
  Number of Children Persons
9. For those who lives outside Bandung and married, are you going to plan to bring your family to Bandung?
  Yes No
10. Church Membership
  Church’s Name
  Church Address City
  Phone Number
  Pastor's Name
  A member since
  The respective church is best described as:
  Evangelical Ecumenical Pentecostal Baptist Adventist
11. Please provide details of all former studies you have completed
  Institution Year completed Qualification Awarded
12. Please provide details of all previous ministry experience
  Position Place Pastor’s name Period
13. Employment Details
  Last Position Company’s Name Referee Time period
14. Language Proficiency
    Reading Speaking Overall
15. Have you ever studied in theological schools before?
  Once in Time period Year
  Rejected on registration by
  Ceased from
  Dropped out from
  Please explain the details for the reasons mentioned above
16. What kind of ministries do you hope to focus on in the future?
  (choose at least three that are likely to be your choice)
  Pastoral work Evangelism
  Teaching Mission Evangelism
  Lay Ministry Youth Ministry
  Counseling Campus Ministry
17. Personal Testimony and Ministry
  a. Please provide the details of personal repentance, influences/events that support or prohibit your spiritual growth and
  other spiritual experiences. Please type this testimonial with your name and the title "Testimony A" and send it by email.
  b. Please write about your current ministry responsibilities, details of God’s calling in your life,
  and how you came to the decision to join the ministry field. Please type this testimonial with the title "Testimony B" and send it by email.
18. . A recommendation letter from three (3) Christian referees who know you very well:
  a. 2nd Recommendation Form is given to and filled in by best friend.
  b. Formulir Rekomendasi 2 diserahkan kepada dan diisi oleh seorang Sahabat
  c. 3rd Recommendation Form is given to and filled in by a teacher, lecturer, or manager
  Recommendation forms 1-3 can be downloaded below and should be completed by the respective person.
  Completed references should be sent directly to the Admission department of STT Bandung by the referees,
  thereby maintaining the confidentiality of the references.
19. Why are you interested in studying at STT Bandung?
20. This form should be returned together with:
  1. Photocopy of notarised SMU (Senior High School)/ undergraduate degree certificate.
  2. Photocopy of notarised SMU/undergraduate degree transcripts.
  3. Photocopy of baptist/sidi certificates
  4. Recent coloured photographs
  5. Medical check up form (form can be downloaded at the bottom of this page).
  6. Family biodata form (form can be downloaded at the bottom of this page).
  7. The application fee could be transferred to BCA account (Branch: Maranatha), account no. 282.300.5555 (Name: Yayasan STT Bandung).
1. I understand that the decision to offer places to prospective students is the right of STT Bandung.
  I understand and agree that the decision of STT Banding regarding this matter is final.
2. I am willing to attend compulsory tests in English language proficiency and theological understanding,
  as well as undergoing a psychotest and attending an interview. Applicants will be advised of the times and
  and locations of these tests and interviews by the admission department of STT Bandung.
3. I acknowledge that all of the academic qualifications
  declared are true and authentic.

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Formulir Pendaftaran STT Bandung
Prosedur Pendaftaran


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