STT Bandung is established with the main purpose to help Christians to know God more and equip them to serve Christ effectively.Therefore, STT Bandung serves the educations and trainings for more serious and realistic ministries, so that faith of each graduates established based on the deep introduction toward the Bible, as well as motivated to develop God’s ministry in many aspects. In other words, STT Bandung places Jesus Christ and His Godness as well as Bible authority as the basic for all the curriculum to educate Christians who called as pastors, evangelist, teachers, church workers and God’s servant. Therefore all lecturers are commited to achieve and keep the high academic standard in teaching, writing and research.

Firstly, STT Bandung focuses on the importance of the the professional education. Secondly, students are educated thus their spiritual lives are improving. The studying ambience in the campus and their daily lifes are directed, so that students have awareness and disciplinity to worship with God as well as healthy interaction in daily life. The students are not only required to have Bible knowledge and theology, but they are also required to develop life’s pattern which is practical and discipline, so they could serve effectively. Third, students are educated to have Christian values and norms. The students are directed to be a mature person in daily life and in its ministries. Fourth, students are guided so that they have a wide knowledge in many fields, especially in national ministries.





The logo of STT Bandung describes the theological education pattern that will equip the students to be God’s servant who is kind, faithful and full of wisdoms, as well as ready to serve in His ministries.



Located on the top of the logo, describes the inclusion and fulfillment from the Holy Spirit to be the source of wisdom, power and love as well as absolute requirement for God’s servant.


It is the only source of the right knowledge about God and basic for all the callings and ministries (Sola Scriptura).


Symbolize the call to hold into the truth and prirotize Christ.


Symbolize God’s call to graze His men.


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