Asrama STTB


Dormitory accommodation is provided for full time students who are not yet married. Students who are married will stay off-campus.

Kapel STTB


Attendance at morning chapel, night prayer fellowship and other chapel services as arranged is compulsory.


Pembimbing Mahasiswa


STT Bandung realizes the importance of a shepherd who is available to offer counselling to students about matters such as friendship ethics & ministry issues. Therefore, an experienced pastor who has been serving the church will provide for the students’ spiritual needs in this way.



STT Bandung publishes both an English language international journal and an Indonesian language journal twice a year. These provide a theological dialogue with the national and international contexts, as well as communicating issues relating to Christianity in Indonesia to a wider audience in the rest of Asia and worldwide.




A Computer laboratory is provided for student's for assignments and equipped with internet facilities (ethernet & wi-fi).




A sports field is provided to keep the students healthy. Furthermore, one day is scheduled for exercise weekly.




Students who have health problems are able to make use of the Elim polyclinic where they can consult medical healthcare.





STT Bandung provides a library service which is equipped with more than 150,000 book titles as well as magazines and journals. Ninety percent of the books are written in English, with the rest in German and Bahasa Indonesia. New books and journals are added each semester. The library is also equipped with computers & wi-fi to facilitate searches for books or journals. The library is therefore the primary study area for our students. Operational hours for the library are: Monday-Friday 08.00-17.00; 19.00-21.00. Saturday 08.00-12.30. The library is closed for lunch between 12.30-13.30 everyday.



Info Contact

Dr. Junjunan Street 105
Bandung 40173, Indonesia
Ph : (+62) 22 601 - 6454
Fax : (+62) 22 607 - 7921
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