2 Months Practical Ministry (I & II)

It is a ministry that is designed to help students for integrating the lectures that has been learned with the real practical within the ministry. This ministry focuses on the student’s skills development. Through the agreement with local ministry place, students are engaged in specific ministry, in which including the main tasks such as personal evangelism , visitation, discipleship, worship, social ministry or pastoral ministry. The constructive direction, advice, and input are also necessary to be given before they complete the practical.


A Year Practical Student Development

It is a practice that is designed for developing student’s identity and competency in the real ministry. This ministry context could include church ministry, social organizations, educational institution or side church organizations. It is expected that students could be supervised by a local pastor, workers or supervisor who are experience in the ministry. The students are compulsory to attend trainings before the practical. The students will get 40 credits practical after completing a year practical.




Two Months Practical Ministry

It is an opportunity to practice within the society from church or certain side church organizations with focus on the skills development of counseling, teaching, leading a Bible study, worship, or other pastoral ministries. Directions will be given before the students do the practical and evaluation will be carried out after they completed the practical.


A Year Practical Student

It is a practical program that is directed specifically for getting an experience within the church or other ministries. Pressure is located on the research development or talents specialty and student’s skills. Constructive evaluation are necessarily given by a pastor or workers after they complete a year practical.


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