Agus Gunawan

(History & Systematic Lecturer)

S.Th. Southeast Asia Bible Seminary, Malang
M.Th. Trinity Theological College, Singapore
M.Th. International Theological Seminary, USA
(Candidat) Ph.D. Educational Studies at Biola University, LA-USA (study)


One major problem that we often hear about the work of the Lord is related to the problem of Human Resources. From time to time, we always hear about the problem of shortage of servants of God, both for the needs of ministry in churches, Christian institutions and other services. This seems exactly like the Lord Jesus said, that "the fields are ripe for harvest, but the workers are few".

We believe that the words of the Lord Jesus above are not a prediction to be fulfilled and allowed to happen, but a vision and a challenge that must be seriously answered by the believers. That is why the Lord Jesus tells us to actively call, equip and send the laborers to the fields of the Lord. It is part of our responsibility to do something for His field.

Responding to those needs, Bandung Theological Seminary has been established with a clear vision to address. Bandung Theological Seminary has declared its responses and participation by educating and preparing the laborers of the Lord for the field of the Lord. Since its establishment until now, Bandung Theological Seminary has been, is and will continue to work meeting the quantity and quality needs of the servant of God in the fields of the Lord.

Bandung Theological Seminary is committed to produce servant of God characterized by pastor-scholar or scholar-pastor : a servant of God who has the heart of a shepherd who is able to lead, nurture and guide the sheep, while at the same time he or she is also well-educated, capable, academically qualified to answer the challenge of contemporary needs of the field of the Lord.

In the midst of increasingly fast changing ages and challenges and demands of the times, Bandung Theological Seminary continues striving to enhance itself in various aspects. Bandung Theological Seminary emphasizes various aspects of education for its students which involves not only theological discipline, but also other disciplines that are integrated and built as unity. Bandung Theological Seminary bases and colors its ministries under the principle of Sola Scriptura. Therefore, Bandung Theological Seminary gives priority to boarding culture, course activities, and ministry activities based on this main principle. The Bible is the eternal word of God which must be read, understood and applied in everyday life, both during the learning process in Bandung Theological Seminary, and after the students are commissioned into the field of the Lord. With a holistic coaching management, which includes intellectual, mental, spiritual and integrated skills, Bandung Theological Seminary graduates are expected to be ready and competent to be true servants of God in this time.

Through this website, we hope you get to know Bandung Theological Seminary from a variety of information contained in it. Our hope is that if you are called to be equipped in the field of theology and ministry, both as full-time or part time workers, you will answer this challenge by taking part in a dynamic educational environment in Bandung Theological Seminary. Soli Deo Gloria.


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