STTB Educational Purposes


STTB was established in year 1992 is a theological education which have purpose to prepare Christian people who have a desire to serve the Lord, either in the church or in the community. After Student completing their studies, The graduates are expected to recognized more deeply about God and know various knowledge also skills which useful to serve the Lord Jesus Christ effectively.

Mission Trip to Kendari Bau-Bau


On Wednesday, 23 October 2013, a mission team from STT Bandung such as Dr. Ramly Lumintang and Ev.Heriyanto, M.Th. carried out a visit and ministry to Kendari and Bau-Bau, South East Sulawesi. The visit in Kendari is very welcomed by some leaders from their local churches, such as the representative of Gepsultra (South East Sulawesi Protestant Church), Pdt. Jerry Pattiasina, S.Th., Pdt. Vebe Lahalo (Gepsultra Kendari) and Ev.Jan Vick (GKKA Kendari). The team also carried out a visit to Bethel church (Petra) and Bethany Kendari. The visit is tightly relevant with the introduction of STT Bandung for local churches in Kendari and for the real one is to carry out a ministry corporation in 2014.

Community Service


Students of SST Bandung under Student Senate and Children Training Group, routinely do activities be in the form of Community Services that is two times in a week in Saturday and Sunday in a week. Activities is done by giving lecture to children on the street who are in the area Pasteur.

All Because Of The Intervention of God

Bandung School of Theology (STTB) is an institution that God used to equip and establish me in fulfilling God's call to be a servant. I go into STTB in 2008 and has now completed a one-year period of practice. All the experience I have gained during studying in STTB is the part where my experience of God's creation. I have to admit that it can complete studies in STTB not the easy thing.

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