All Because Of The Intervention of God

Bandung School of Theology (STTB) is an institution that God used to equip and establish me in fulfilling God's call to be a servant. I go into STTB in 2008 and has now completed a one-year period of practice. All the experience I have gained during studying in STTB is the part where my experience of God's creation. I have to admit that it can complete studies in STTB not the easy thing.

Obstacles that I experienced in the early entry STTB is adapting to the learning patterns. Because the pattern of learning that I received at different levels of education previously learned patterns are applied in STTB. This has implications in the execution of assignments given by lecturers. This obstacle I experienced at the beginning of the course start and I needed some time to adaptation.

I believe in the Lord Jesus and give strength to enable me to live it well. I feel His care through the people that are around me. The professors who teach one part that God used to be able to help me. In all the advantages and disadvantages held by them, I can still learn from them. In addition to lecturing in class, the lecturers also provide the time and opportunity to students to get more specific guidance, both with regards to taught courses or about anything else. In addition, in certain occasions such as when the guardianship, the lecturers also share their stories and experiences of life. Whether it's experience in the family, teaching, service and other experiences. From things like this, I felt what I can share to help adapt to the existing learning patterns.

In addition, support from friends in STTB also be a tool that God uses to help me out of trouble adapting to the existing learning patterns. In particular I am grateful to all my classmates, we can share experiences and exchange ideas. What is given by the friends really helped me while in STTB.

But this does not mean that I can easily establish relationships with other friends. We are coming to STTB have different backgrounds, ranging from differences in ethnicity, culture and customs. With the differences that I have encountered is, a challenge for me to be able to establish relationships with them. Even've also differences cause conflict between me and another friend. As time went on, I realized that I had to learn to accept that there is any difference and do not let these differences be a barrier for me to establish relationships or to complete the study in STTB. Precisely the differences that exist, I find a lot of new things that would benefit me.

Another obstacle that I encountered while in STTB ultimately be a blessing and a valuable experience for me. These constraints form I during their first study because of the intervention of God in it. Another blessing I felt, was when I was given the opportunity to be involved in student government and the committee entered into a number of events held STTB. From here I learned how to organize and work with others in a team or group. This experience would be a valuable stock for my service in the future.

Another thing that is a blessing, is that when given the opportunity to do the weekend services and pastoral practice for two months and one year. Through my experience of this service is equipped to serve the Lord. God used this opportunity to hone my skills and helped me to recognize my skills. And through this opportunity encouraged me to develop my skills to become better at my service in the future.

During the STTB, many things that I have received and I learned. I believe that in all of this there is the hand of God in it. I am currently able to complete the study in STTB, all of it is because of God that always help and give me strength. I also learned a lot of things, from the experience of the people who I met in STTB. Each of them gives its own color in my life. In any shortcomings and strengths that God has given to me, God uses all of it to my form got better again.

I will always remember every experience during studies in STTB, into something that is very precious to me now as well as services for the future. I am grateful to be given the opportunity to take education in STTB, I am grateful to everyone involved in the process of forming my being personally like today. Moreover I am grateful that the Lord Jesus Christ always gives his grace, strength and ability to finish my studies in STTB.

In every thing is done, let only the name of the Lord Jesus Christ is exalted and glorified. ***


Bachelor of Theology( S.Th. )

Class of 2008

Graduates S.Th. in 2013

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