Mission Trip to Kendari Bau-Bau


On Wednesday, 23 October 2013, a mission team from STT Bandung such as Dr. Ramly Lumintang and Ev.Heriyanto, M.Th. carried out a visit and ministry to Kendari and Bau-Bau, South East Sulawesi. The visit in Kendari is very welcomed by some leaders from their local churches, such as the representative of Gepsultra (South East Sulawesi Protestant Church), Pdt. Jerry Pattiasina, S.Th., Pdt. Vebe Lahalo (Gepsultra Kendari) and Ev.Jan Vick (GKKA Kendari). The team also carried out a visit to Bethel church (Petra) and Bethany Kendari. The visit is tightly relevant with the introduction of STT Bandung for local churches in Kendari and for the real one is to carry out a ministry corporation in 2014.

Friday, 25 October, the team continue the journey to Bau-Bau through the sea. On the evening, team carried out a seminar, workshop and preaching up to Sunday, 27 October 2013. The activities in Bau-Bau are facilitated by Bamag Bau-Bau and supported by churches such as GPIB, Gepsultra, GKKA, Bethany church, GPDI, and Bethel. The activity is started on Friday evening in which the seminar is carried out twice, the first is at GPIB with a title of "The Leader’s Challenges in Postmodern Era" which carried out by Dr.Ramly Lumintang, and attended by local Bau-Bau pastors, church assemblies and activist. Besides that, the second seminar is carried out by Ev.Heriyanto, M.Th. with a title "The Christian Parent’s Challenges in Postmodern Era" in which the participant is the family of local churches in Bau-Bau.

On the next Saturday, 26 October 2013 two seminars and one workshop are carried out. The workshop is carried out in Gepsultra Lelemangura with a title "Equipping Pastors and Activist in Preaching" and continued with another seminar with a title "The Church Growth" in which both seminar are brought by Dr.Ramly lumintang. On the same day, seminar is also carried out by Ev. Heriyanto, M.Th. for for local Bau-Bau youngsters and teenagers with a title "The Challenges of Youngsters and Teenagers in Postmodern Era." The team preached in GPDI, Bethel and GKKA on Sunday 27 October 2013. The team came back to Bandung on Monday, 28 October 2013.

The mission team of STT Bandung had been welcomed very well and full of enthusiastic by the church leaders, Bamag and locals in Kendari and Bau-Bau. Therefore, we are thankful to the Gepsultra synode representative, Pdt. Jerry Pattiasina, the chairman of Bagmag Pdt.Max and its members: Pdt. Danny, Pdt.Samuel Natar, Pdt.Desi, Pdt.Vicky, Pdt.Yusak, Pdt.Ade and GKKA’s chairman assembly Mr.Pelebun. We wish that God bless our ministries.

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