STTB Educational Purposes


STTB was established in year 1992 is a theological education which have purpose to prepare Christian people who have a desire to serve the Lord, either in the church or in the community. After Student completing their studies, The graduates are expected to recognized more deeply about God and know various knowledge also skills which useful to serve the Lord Jesus Christ effectively.


Does every Christian people
have to school theological?

No, every christian people have to learn theology. Theology School specifically designed for those who want become a servant of God full time and for those lay christian people who want to be equipped with good theological knowledge. For that purpose STT Bandung hava programs which designed specifically for accommodate those need.

Does every student in theology school
should be a pastor?

No, many pastor is needed in the widely field ministry. Beside a pastor is needed there are evangelists, missionaries, theacher and another is needed too. For laity people come to theology school not requred to become a postor because ministry in the actual live is needed.

I had the desire but no charges,
what should I do?

If you really be called and do not have money to finance your studies, many sponsor which generously want to support you. STT Bandung also especially have a scholarship program for students which not capable on their financial with certain requirement.

How STT Bandung
can help me?

STT Bandung will give you with knowledge about good Theology and another practical skills which is needed in field of ministry. You also will be enriched with spiritual experience and ministry and more seriously wrestle with your call through lectures and interaction with lecturers and also another students.


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