Overview of STTB Activities on Juli 2013

May 4, 2013

STT Bandung followed Exhibition Theology School for all West Java, and get appreciation like: singing solo (First Winner), table tennis (Second Winner), and Bible quiz (Second Winner)

May 8, 2013

Togetherness of Faculty, Staff, and Students STT Bandung in Situ Patenggang, Ciwidey. This is one interesting game of because we can collaborate each other.

May, 2013

Spiritual Formation Seminary for Christian Growth, which is teached by Dr. Kevin E. Lawson from Talbot School of Theology - Biola University, at Main Hall STT Bandung.

May 15, 2013

STT Bandung mengadakan Faculty Development yang dibawakan oleh Dr. Kevin E. Lawson dari Talbot School of Theology - Biola University, di Lembang.

May 17-20, 2013

Pdt. Agus Gunawan, M.Th., Tan Giok Lie, Ed.D., and Yanti, M.Sc. represent STT Bandung has attended and actively participate in the Asian Forum for Christian Educators, in Bangkok, Thailand.

May 27-31, 2013

STT Bandung Networks have held training and lecture "Transformative Leadership" by Pastor. Agus Gunawan, M.Th. and Maria Goddess Chandra, S.Th. held in Bangka Island.

June 5, 2013

Staff Development held at Sari Ater, Subang, with the goal of spiritual debriefing in work and fraternity among fellow staff STT Bandung.

June 24-28, 2013

Intensif Lecture program of M.Min. : "Emotional Health and LeaderShip" by Deddi Tedjakumara, M.M.

July 1-5, 2013

Intensif Program of Training and Education for M.Min. STT Bandung which was attended by students from Bangka Island, material is about "Theological Foundations For Ministry" by Peter Suwadi Wong, M.Th., D.Min.

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