Christians and Politics


Christians and Politics: A contradiction?
What does the Bible say about politics?

Words like politics, political and politician are not mentioned in the Bible. But it is not silent on the issue.

The Bible teaches politics both as 'theory and practice of good government.'
1. Israel was a nation of good government characterized by justice and order founded on the Mosaic covenant [Deuteronomy 4:35-40].
2. God-fearing individuals like Joseph were in public service in a civil government [Genesis 41:41].
3. Civil government is God ordained [Romans 13:1].

The Bible talks about politics as a 'principle of seeking the welfare of the city (polis)' [Jeremiah 29:7].

Christians and politics are not contradictory.


We are good seeds planted among weeds [Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43]. Human sin and rebellion against God will go worse until the return of Christ.

We are all called to serve God where he planted us [John 17:13-19].

We are concerned with earthly affairs [Jeremiah 29:4-7; Romans 13:6-7]. We are part of our society and world. We cannot live thinking the world is none of our concern. God commands his people to seek the welfare of the city and support the promotion of law and order.

We influence for God [Matthew 5:13-16]. We make disciples of all nations. God changes people.


Whether we are in public service or a private citizen

We practice the RICA principle and use it when choosing our leaders

Responsible citizenship [participation in nation building]

Impact in my circle of influence [positive influence]

Conscience in all my choices [non-compromise]

Advocacy for truth, character and competence [constructive platform]


Vote for and choose RICA for Christ!

Edwin Perona, Ph.D.


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