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7 October 2022
The development of vocational stewardship among Indonesian christian professionals
Oleh :Sutrisna Harjanto

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Christian professionals, through their daily work, have important roles in God’s mission. However, little empirical research has been done to understand their journey to connect their daily work with God’s. If the church of Jesus Christ is to have the transformational impact that the world needs then we must better understand our vocations from a biblical and missional perspective.

In this thorough study, Dr Sutrisna Harjanto explores the formational elements of the integration of faith, work and mission among Indonesian Christian professionals. From detailed semi-structured interviews with twenty-eight participants, this study provides deeper insight into the development of vocational stewardship and the role of empowering relationships and communities. Through careful analysis and evaluation the resulting book is an educational perspective on the theology of work and mission, beneficial for those in positions to equip and support Christian professionals as they work to fulfil God’s mission through daily work.