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21 September 2022
Transforming Theological Education
Oleh :Perry Shaw

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For several decades concern has been expressed about the need for greater integration and contextual significance in the curricular design of theological education. In addition, there has been a growing awareness of the role theological schools should play in strengthening the missional vision and practice of local churches. Drawing on Dr. Perry Shaw’s experience as faculty member, educational engineer, and acting academic dean for Arab Baptist Theological Seminary, Transforming Theological Education provides theoretical foundations and practical principles for purposeful curriculum design, as well as tools for facilitating integrated and contextually significant learning in the classroom.

This updated second edition has been reorganized for thematic clarity and expanded to provide a stronger foundation for thinking theologically – rather than just educationally – about theological education. It also contains a wider range of curricular examples from innovative theological programs around the world, along with practical advice for implementing change in change- resistant environments. This handbook continues to be a one-of-a-kind resource for theological educators and all those involved in Christian leadership training.